Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 28th Birthday babe!!!
I love you soo much!!!!!

Birthday shopping with the kids, wow... It was fun! We went last nite to Target to pick something out, we ended up going through the clothes to see if we could find anything, I am soooo glad we didn't go through the toy isle!! :O) Gavin saw a Turtle's shirt and HAD to get it, of course he thought it was for him... ;o) I explained that it was daddy's birthday tomorrow and it was for him. So he started singing happy birthday, then Dakotah interrupted him and said no Gavin, it is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! So after some more walking through Dakotah found a Spider Man shirt that she wanted to get him, I was like are you sure? She said well, maybe he would like this green guy instead. (It was the Hulk) I said, you pick it out, I don't care! I was also glad they didn't have any BRIGHT pink shirts in there, or she would've picked that out, to match the fuzzy pink guitar strap. ;o) So she ended up picking the Spider Man shirt. Gavin was hugging the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt all throughout the shopping, still bound and determined it was HIS!!! We got through the rest of the shopping with out too much trouble, checked out then left. Got home and wrapped them real quick before Curt got back from band practice. Then today before lunch we let him open his presents. Dakotah gave him his, then it was Gavin's turn, but before Curt could even do anything, it was already opened by Gavin! (Kind of reminds of the year that I was pregnant with Gavin and Dakotah got me Disney's Scene It, she was watching Curt when he was wrapping it, so she knew what it was when he gave it to me to unwrap, she grabbed it and RAN to the other side of the room to open it herself! I was laughing soo hard and too fat and prego to do anything about it!!!! :O) ) He yelled out TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he held it up to him, and I said, no, it is daddy's, so he handed it over. ;o) It sure is fun going shopping with the kids and letting them pick out their own presents to give, they are old enough where they can pick something out, with a little help! Can't wait to see what they will pick out for Christmas!!!! :O)
Well, I should get moving, need to finish the ice cream cake! Will take some pic's of it when I am done, I am already getting hungry for it!!! :O) (I sure hope it tastes ok!! I've never made one before!!!)

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amain said...

I love what my sweet girls pick out as gifts...last mother's day I got a Barbie fishing pole, and my 22 year old brother got Scooby Doo & Backyardigans BandAids for his birthday this weekend:)
You are a good Mom for instilling the spirit of giving in your kids:)
Happy Birthday Curt!!