Monday, September 24, 2007

The Car Ride Home

What lovely conversations we have on the way home from church!!! :O)

Me: Kotah, what did you learn about today?
Dakotah: Jesus feeds a LOOOOOT of people!
Me: Oh yeah, what did He feed them?
Dakotah: Well, Pastor Lori pulled out a frozen fish, it was gross, then there was water dripping down her arm... (she is kinda laughing at this point) Then we didn't eat any fish, it was GROSS!!!!! Then she pulled out a loaf of bread, she took a bite, but we didn't get to get a bite, but that was ok.
Me: (I am laughing at this point, she hasn't really stopped to take a breath since the first word!)
Dakotah: We prayed for Jakeys grandma, she hurt her foot and it isn't all better yet. But we prayed and it will feel better soon! We need to pray for Pastor Lori too mom. Her knee hurts her, it was fixed twice and it still isn't better, we need to pray and ask God to heal it. So we prayed for Jakey's grandma and Pastor Lori.
Me: Yes baby, we do need to pray and ask God to help take away the pain. Pastor Lori is going to have a surgery, like Pawka Mellinger, to get it fixed!
Dakotah: YEP, we need to pray and make sure the doctors fix it right!

So tonite after our devo's, she said we need to pray and ask God to help Pastor Lori get some sleep and so that her knee won't hurt tomorrow. So we did just that!


Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Lori Eilers said...

Thanks so much for the prayers. I love hearing how the kids re-tell what happens in church!