Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birthday Pic's!!!!

A new favorite toy!!! :O) So soft!!!!!
Winnie the Pooh cake!! :O)
She is actually INSIDE the bag! Too cute!!!!
Um, am I supposed to eat this? I dunno about this!
Oh, cool, it is stuck in between my fingers! COOL!! (Let's see how fun this is to clean up!)

I can't believe Skylar is 1 now!!! Where did the time go? (I know the grandparents are saying the same thing!) She isn't walking by herself yet, but expecting that any day now! But the think I am afraid of is, I think she will take off RUNNING, not walking!!!
Happy 1st Birthday Skylar Isabella!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Skylar! Sorry we couldn't make it to your party :(

Jena said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!! You are such a beauty!!!