Thursday, August 30, 2007

What else can go wrong? (did I already use this as a title? Sorry if I did)

Just a little update on what has happened in the Cecil house! :O
Tuesday Gavin was being naughty well, Kotah and Gavin were, so they were both sitting on the couch. Gavin was butt naked, I am not sure why he took his shirt off, but after going to the bathroom, he doesn't always put his underwear back on, that was part of the reason he was on the couch, I honestly don't remember the other part and why Dakotah was up there? But anyways... I went over with his undies to help him put them on, he was standing on the couch, and then he decided to just fall over, well, his cheek hit the arm of the couch and it was INSTANT purple!!!! He is screaming, and I am like great, what else? So, I went to the kitchen to get a little cool pack to see if that would help with the pain. He actually held it up there til the cold pack was a warm pack. I got him dressed the rest of the way, got them a drink and then put them in bed for a much needed nap. Except I couldn't take a nap, I had to clean the dishes and put leftovers away from the lunch I made for Curt and the managers! After supper took the kids to go get some milk, and standing in line, Gavin starts to cry, I am also about ready to cry as well! I have had it, again! So I turn around and ask what is wrong? Gavin says, sissy touch my owie!!! sissy touch my eek, it hurt mommy!!!!! I looked at Dakotah and she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders! I am like, uh, did you NOT see the purple? Were you NOT there when he was screaming his head off because it hurt so bad? WHAT part did you miss? Why did you touch it? She said she wanted to see if it hurt! I had to turn back around, and thankfully I needed to pay at that time. We walked out, got home, gave them a snack, got Skylar to bed, read them a story and then put them to bed for the nite! Little did I know what was going to happen the next day....
Wednesday, Jenn came over to drop off her PC order and asked her to stay so the kids could play. She did, not sure if she is ever going to come over again, and if she does, she will NOT be wearing a black shirt over here ever again!! :O) Gavin was being a little stink bug all morning, really didn't want to listen to me at all! The kids were all playing, then they all went into Dakotah and Skylars room, not a biggie. Jenn gets a call from Amy to see if she wants to go out for lunch since it was all rainy, she mentions that she is over at my house, then Amy says to ask us to come. So Jenn and I start talking again after she gets off the phone, then Dakotah says, Mom, Gavin is getting into the butt powder and butt wipes again! I am like great. So I go in all to see a white floor, we have hard wood floors, not white ones. So I walk out of the room to get the camera and making some kind of noise and Jenn is like what? So she peeks her head in the room and starts laughing, she said it was funny because it wasn't her kid! Just check out the pics!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooo much Jenn for helping me clean it up! It was a DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW you all are laughing, I am kinda laughing about this, but not 100% yet! It's not that Gavin does this to be naughty, he is just a VERY busy boy! Both my mom and Curt's mom said that he isn't naughty, he is just very curious! Which is true! Oh, you are also probably wondering why I haven't moved the butt wipes and stuff, um, yeah, he finds it NO matter where I put it! It is like an obsession with that stuff! I have NOOOOO idea why! Atleast Dakotah and Skylar's room smells a little like butt powder and cucumber melon baby lotion! So after we got that all cleaned up, thanks again Jenn!!! (Curt gave Gavin a shower while Jenn and I cleaned the room) We went to Happy Joe's to meet Amy. Thanks for letting me come! :O) It was nice to get out, even if it was with the kids!! Curt did offer to stay home with the kids, but he needed to get some work done, there would've been NO way he could've gotten it done with the kids, and plus I threaten if I did that, no guarantee that I was coming home that day!!!! :O) So now, I need to go buy some more butt powder and cucumber melon lotion! Jenn asked if I buy wipes in bulk, thankfully I do, at SAM'S, but not butt powder! I did happen to have one more, but need to buy the lotion! Where do I put if so he can NOT find it? It's in the bathroom right now, will see how long it takes him to find it again. I have to keep hiding it in different spots!!!! :O)
nothing to terrible happened! Angela invited me to a picnic with some homeschoolers, and so we crashed the party for a little! ;o) Now what will happen after the kids wake up? One never knows......

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