Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Re-Cap of where we were.....

We left July 27th to go to IN. Curt's parents camp ground was having their family camp, and he wanted to go and see some people he hasn't seen in AGES!!!! So we got their too late to go Friday nite, but went Saturday afternoon (After the whole Redi-Med visit), and then again after church on Sunday. It was great!! The services were awesome!!! We then stayed at my parents house that whole week. We went out to eat with an old friend from FCS on Monday. Tuesday we checked out the new Fort Wayne library, how AWESOME was that!!!!!! The place is HUGE!!!!!! Curt LOVED it because this library is the 2nd largest for genealogy, Salt Lake being the biggest. Then we went to his sister's house to go swimming on Wednesday, then to his parents for naps for the kids and then supper. I did laundry and packed bags on Thursday, while Curt went over to the library again to get some more info. We left for PA BRIGHT and EARLY Friday morning, it was 4:20 AM when we got on the road. Kotah went in Gramma and Pawka's car, that was sooo nice!! But, bad news was, that was when we 1st found out that Dakotah gets car sickness! I at first didn't think that was what it was, but then started to wonder. We thought maybe because my parents have a 2 door Grand Am and she is used to being in a van?? Anyways... We FINALLY made it to Black Rock Retreat Center. Very nice place! The kids LOVED it and the food was actually good! :O) We got to see all my mom's brothers and sisters, and do some other fun things!!! There was a wagon ride which my kids LOVED!!!! (will post pic's later...) Then back home on Sunday, this time Dakotah rode in our van and didn't get sick once!! Gavin rode with my parents for a while, which was nice to split the kids up. Those of you with more than 2 kids know that I am talking about!!! :O) Back to my parents for one more nite, my dad had his TOTAL knee replacement done that Monday. Everything was a-ok. the surgery went great, but as we were getting ready to walk in the room, there was nurse in front of us with paddles, saying you need to go wait out there in the lobby. I barely saw my mom's white, wet face saying it was ok. I am like wonderful, now what. My dad has heart probs, had a quid-by-pass done 10 years ago, and he just found out he is diabetic. So there were allllll kinds of things going through my head! As we were starting to walk down to the lobby, my mom came out to tell me that my dad gave himself a pain shot, can't remember the name, but it starts with a D, I think it is something this Demerol? Anyways... She says that not even 5 minutes passed after he gave himself the shot, and he started getting all gray and white, and he couldn't catch his breath. Thankfully he was ok, he just had a BAD reaction to the meds! So, he got morphine instead! Which I think he liked better... ;o) So after we visited and made sure everything was ok, we went on up to Curt's parents house. We then left for MI on Wednesday and Thursday back home to IN. We got to stay in a VERY nice hotel for free, thanks to my hubby's frequent hotel stays! (I guess SOMETHING good came out of him being gone a lot! :O)) We got to see some old friends and meet their new babies!!! :O) We also went swimming with everybody that nite. The kids LOVED that!! BUT, Curt was holding Skylar in the water, and the other 2 were just sitting on the steps. I went over to go and get some towels, and then I walked back over to the pool, threw one on the ground and then turned around to shake one open, but when I turned back around, all I saw was Dakotah standing and Gavin's feet sticking out of the water! I was sooooo scared, I threw down the towel and ran into grab him. I got him out of the water and was drying him off and making sure he was ok, he just looked at me and smiled and said, I blew mommy! Meaning he blew the water out instead of sucking it all in!! He was ok, but scared us all!!! His guardian angels sure are busy with him!!!!! He didn't suck in any water either! He was fine and ready to go back in! :O) We still aren't sure how it happened, can only figure he went to stand up and slipped? I went back into my parents house to see how dad was doing on Friday and Curt's sister went with me. We then got a couple other things while in town, and back to his parents house. Saturday was more laundry and we got to see Grandma, she looks good, but tired. I guess she is going to try the chemo. I am not sure when that will start and if for sure she is going too. Then Sunday was church, then did an early birthday party for Dakotah. Then we left to come home on Monday. I already wrote about that trip! :O) For as long as we were gone, the kids did GREAT!!!!!!!! (and thankfully the dvd player worked the WHOLE time!!! It usually doesn't work, but it did for us this time!!!) They are happy to be home!!! So am I!!! TRYING to get all the laundry done and putting things away!!! That is the one thing that I HATE to do when we get back from a trip!!! I would just rather play with the kids and take a nap!!!

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