Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joe Keller

Remember that name when you pray the next time, please!!!
Here's the story....
For the last couple of months, I have been in contact with Rob Keller, trying to get our insurance at a cheaper rate. FINALLY I found all the papers we needed to get the ball rolling, I called him last Monday to set up a time. He wasn't in when I asked for him, so I left him a message, didn't hear back from him until this Tuesday. He apologized for not calling me sooner, but I was like no biggie, I had way to much on my plate this last week anyways! :O) He then told me that his brother was in a serious car accident and he was out of town visiting him. I then said that I was so very sorry. He then told me something about it all being in God's hands, so I thought, ok, let's take this a step further! I then told him that I would defiantly be praying for him and his family. We talked some more, Rob then asked if we were Christan's, I said we sure are! He asked if I had time and I said I did (even though I KNOW he heard my kids screaming in the background!!! ;o)). He then told me what had happened. Rob also told me that Joe and his wife had just lost their baby girl, I think she was only a couple of days old. They were still going through all the grief of losing that little baby, and then boom, this. Rob has a VERY positive attitude, and so does the whole family. He said he knows this happened for a reason, he knows that God allows bad things to happen to good people. Now don't get me wrong, they are all very sad and sorry this happened and are praying for a miracle, but they have been able to witness to soooo many people because of this! Joe and his wife are youth leaders, Joe is FT at a church in Davenport. Rob and his wife are volunteers here in town at a church. Rob was telling Curt and I this morning that he and his brother went to go see the car, well, what was left of it, and picture this. A driver seat, some hood, and then in a circle around the seat were some books by Dee Henderson, the Protector, The Resuser, The Guardian, The Healer, it is the O'Malley series. Rob said that it hit him, it was like God was saying see, I was with your brother, he is in my Hands! (goosebumps?) Then he said that 2 of his brothers sang Your Grace still Amazes Me, and while they were singing it, Joe was holding his mothers hand, and he started to rub her hand with his thumb! (now do you have the goosebumps?) They have an update going on at, if you want the password to get in to see it, e-mail me and I will e-mail it to you. I don't want to post that on here. I asked Rob if he minded if I wrote all this on my blog, he said not at all, he said that he wants other believers to pray for his brother. He feels that God is going to work a miracle! Joe had also had a stroke while in the accident, something punctured an artery in his neck and that caused him to have the stroke. He has no use of his right side. He is still in somewhat of a coma, and he is off the ventilator completely! Just in the last 24 hours he's been off! They were able to keep it off all nite!
Please keep this family in your prayers! I just find it so amazing that they are praising God after all they have been through! What an example to us they are!

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angelasustala said...

That reminds me of the Mercy Me song, Bring The Rain - it starts with: "I can count a million times people asking me how I can praise you with all that I've gone through. The question just amazes me. Could circumstances possibly change who I forever am in You?..." (I probably didn't get it exactly right, but that's close) I love that song - and this family is bringing such Glory to the name of Jesus! We will be praying for them!