Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's OVER!!!!!!!!

Yea!!! I am done, until March comes around, and I have to think of all new recipes!! :O) Kinda funny, Curt's new boss was here, and after I was cleaning up to take it all back home, Gary (Curt's boss) said that while he had their attention and I was still there, he wanted to thank me sooo much for all the great food. (Pretty much everyone had told me thank you for the food and asked for a couple of the recipes, so no need to tell me thank you again!) Then they all started clapping and all said thank you, it was sooo good! :O) I am like, ok that's good, get me outta here. ;o) I am not one to be in the center of attention, you can tell me thank you if you want, but no need to make a big deal out of it. (Well, I guess after all I've been through to get it there... yeah, maybe you can make a big deal out of it! JUST KIDDING!!!)
So, here is what happened yesterday, I have pic's to prove it too! So for yesterday's lunch my menu was taco salad, fresh fruit and cookies. About midnite Sunday nite, I realized I didn't make the cookies! Curt was like no big deal, you have the fruit, you don't need the cookies. I was seriously about ready to go downstairs and make them, but he told me to go to sleep! So then Monday morning comes, all to early! ;o) I get up, get Gavin his cereal and milk and a Veggie Tale to watch so I can get my shower (if you haven't noticed, I have to put a movie on for Gavin while I get a shower, or who knows what will happen!!!!). Then I start cutting my fruit up to get it in the frig. That takes about an hour and half to get done, well, cut a little, then go get Gavin out of something, wash my hands, start to cut some more, get Skylar out of something, wash my hands yet again, okay, I think you get the point. I finally get that done, get all the kids some breakfast, although thinking all I need to cook, I don't feel like getting them anything, but get them some cereal. We all are done eating, Curt has to leave to get things set up. He leaves, the kids are being somewhat good for now. I get them dressed, then think, ok, have a little time, why not try to get the cookies made? I have a cheater recipe that goes really fast, so I'll give that a try. The kids are downstairs watching Baby Einstein (yes, another movie), then I hear a crash, I run downstairs to see the couple things that were on top of the dvd cabinet on the floor. They were trying to get the key.... I get that all cleaned up, back upstairs to finish the cookies. Hear another crash, run back down, ready to beat a butt because I don't have time to keep cleaning up messes!!! And I had already warned them, but it was a puzzle that fell, ok, no biggie. So the movie is done, they are up stairs playing, being good. I am done with the cookies, now, onto the taco salad. I pour all the salad from the bag into a big bowl, and go to check on the kids, I hear money... I figured Gavin just dumped Skylar's little piggie bank again and was putting the money back, but where was Skylar? Was she eating the money? Where was she? So, I go to find them all. I go to Dakotah's room and see Gavin holding the butt powder, and making cute little designs all over the floor, and Dakotah is on her rug scrubbing to get the butt powder off the rug. Skylar is in Gavin's room playing with his cars. Before I blow my top, I tell them to go to Gavin's room and play, and don't come out til I tell them too!!!! I take some pics, then start cleaning up the mess. I also give Curt a call and tell him I won't be there before noon, which, thankfully, is fine. He told me they don't plan on eating until 12:30! :o) I then tell him why I won't be there, he started to laugh, I said that I wasn't laughing at this yet. I said, you don't understand what this room looks like, now, it could be a lot worse, but have you cleaned up butt powder from a rug and butt cream from a rug? Get off the phone with him, make sure I got some good black mail pics (not sure if they will ever come in handy....) then proceed to clean up the mess. It takes me a little to try and get the butt cream and powder from the rug, I didn't fully get it all out. But oh well.... I had a pretty much BRAND new bottle of butt powder and I think about 1/4 of it is left in the bottle, then I also had a brand new bottle of butt cream, and 1/4 of it is GONE, also had a new container of butt wipes, only 1/4 of it left. (oh, did I mention that he had the other half of the butt powder UNDER the rug???) I then go over to Gavin's room to see what they were doing, all to find NOTHING on his bed!!!!!! He decided to STRIP EVERYTHING off his bed, sheet included! So, again, take a DEEP breath, ask him WHY he took everything off? Then start to put it all back on, making sure he was picking all the stuff off the floor and giving it to me to put back on. FINALLY back into the kitchen, wash my butt powder smelling hands and finish getting the salad all together. I got it all done, got it all in the car, got the kids in and off to the hotel we go. Got there, got it all served and then back home, got the kids unloaded, got them to bed, then unloaded the car. Start to put the cheesy potatoes in the crock pot and thinking, man it is REALLY warm in here. Almost tooooooo warm! I know it is hot outside and I had the oven on, turning it back on for the apples, then having 2 crock pots going, it gets hot in the kitchen really fast. So I don't think to much about it, but then I thought I better check the thermostat just incase. I also checked the vent to see if cold air was coming out, and it was warm air... We've had AC probs before, didn't want it to be to hot for everyone coming over, because when they got in here, the temp would go up! Just before I get to the thermostat, I see a stool RIGHT UNDER the thermostat, thinking, hmm... I popped the cover open, all to see the HEAT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, you guessed it, Gavin again! So, I quickly flipped it over to cool right away!! I'd like to say it was nice and cool when everyone got there, but that would be a lie. It wasn't to bad, the kitchen was really hot, I had the oven on, 2 burners and 2 crock pots going, but it wasn't so hot in the dining room and living room. No one seemed to be hot or uncomfortable. I had a fan going, so that helped to get the air moving again. But yeah, that was my day yesterday! OH, while everyone was downstairs talking, Gavin had snuck upstairs, gotten into my cedar closet and gotten out the leap pad notebooks, my swiffer plus 3 wet swiffer pads and the swiffer. I am not sure what his deal was yesterday, but I about called it quits again! I feel bad because I didn't get to play with him as much as I usually do, but I HAD to get all that stuff done! They atleast took a nap for me, so I could cut the 18 apples, and husk 16 ears of corn.... The food turned out very yummy, it was all a hit! I can and can not wait until I get to do it again some time in March! (if ya know what I mean!!)


Jena said...

Mandy thank you so much! I think I got my daily dose of laughing medicine. I am seriously laughing out loud right now!!! Gavin is a busy boy! I love how Dakota was trying to clean up :) HAHA. Thanks again!

angelasustala said...

TOO FUNNY!! I'm sure it didn't feel funny in the midst of it, but I love that you thought to take pics along the way!
In March, bring the kids over here and cook in peace!!