Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is it over yet?!?!

I survived the 1st day of cooking, just need to do one more lunch, then I am DONE!!!!!! For those of you who don't know, I am cooking for Curt's manager's, there are 13 plus his boss, plus Curt and us. So yeah... (you do the math, it is alot of people!!!!) Last nite they ALL came over for supper, it was great!!! I LOVE to cook and especially for other people, but... Yesterday morning didn't go so great! I'll blog about that later when I have time, what I got in here for was to blog about what already happened!! Curt came in and gave me a good-bye kiss at 7:00, I am like, ugh, I NEED to get up! But I was sooooo tired! I had gotten up about 5 times with the kids, once for Dakotah, once for Gavin, and about 3 times for Skyar, she kept getting her foot stuck in between her crib rails! Poor girl!! Why is it the day that I have to get a ton of stuff done, they are up during the nite! So I just decided to stay in bed for a little, I figured Gavin would be getting up soon. I hear him crying, then he stops, and I heard him get out of bed and I thought he was coming up here. WRONG!!! I was also thinking, oh, the house is clean, there isn't anything he can get into! WRONG again!!! I totally forgot that I made the brownie dessert last nite so I wouldn't have to do it today! So, I jump out of bed, and about fall down the stairs because I got dizzy from getting out of bed so fast, and still being somewhat sleepy. So I manage to get down the stairs in one piece all to see Gavin kneeling on the counter trying to get my keys back on the peg. PLUS there was this brown stuff all over his finger and my keys. (I made a different version of the brownie dessert from the PC party, I just put chocolate chips in the brownie and the Rolo's on top) I notice that he poked his finger in about 5 Rolos, also looked as if he was trying to pick them up, but since you put the Rolo's on right after it comes out of the oven, it is still really soft, so he couldn't pick them up. So I explain to him that that brownie is for daddy and all his managers, and we would have it LATER!!!! Then get him cleaned up and to the bathroom. So after that, took him downstairs with his milk and some cereal to watch a movie so I could take a shower, and start my cooking!! But just wanted to post about how my morning has already g)one... I pray today won't be like yesterday!!! Like I said, I'll post what happened yesterday later!!! :O)


Jenn said...

Hang in there girlfriend....breathe deep.

Jena said...

Are you sure Gavin didn't take ur van for a spin? Is that why he was trying to get the keys back on the peg?? HAHA :)