Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, the kids and I made it home okay!! It took us 9 hours (which is normal) but we stopped about 7 times (that's NOT normal)!!! I FLEW home!! (don't let the grandparents know how fast I was going!! ;o) )
Before we left the Cecil's, I packed a lunch for us so we could stop at a rest stop so the kids could run, instead of just more sitting. We didn't even make it to 80 before we had to stop! We stopped at the Albanese Confectionery (candy store) off of 30, let them eat their lunch, then inside to pick out some candy. So they picked out some gummy bears, then I got my banana flavored gummy bears. ;o) We were on the road for about 30 minutes before Dakotah said she didn't feel so good, so I threw a plastic bag at her. She said she "didn't need to puke", but I said take it just incase. (She threw up on the way to our fam reunion in PA, more about that to come later...) Not even 2 minutes passed and she TOTALLY missed the bag! So I pulled over in a parking lot to clean her up, how fun is that! Gavin had fallen asleep a while ago, and thankfully he slept through it all! All in all, we survived the trip with out Curt, now I am not saying that I want to make that trip again alone, but it wasn't that bad. Well, it could've been MUCH worse! The kids actually got along ok, only a couple of fights, nothing to bad!!! Got home and called the grandparents to tell them I made it home, and when they found that out, you could just hear the relief in their voices! And then they asked when we were coming back to visit! :O) Now I think I am going to go to bed! I need to put Kotah's car seat cover in the dryer, then getting some sleep! GOOD-NITE!!!
I apologize if this post doesn't make a lot of sense, you have to remember that I have been gone from home for 16 days and traveling more than half of those days!!! AND I traveled ALONE with 3 kids for 9 hours....
Also, if you EVER pass the candy store that I mentioned, you MUST go in!! Their candy and chocolate is soooooo good!!!!!! The gummy bears are FRESH!!!!!! Skylar can eat them and she doesn't even have any teeth!! :O) What I mean is they melt in your mouth! They are not chewy or hard, just perfect! ;o)

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