Monday, July 23, 2007

Shh, sissy sleeping!

This morning when Gavin woke up he came upstairs to find me. Took him to the bathroom and just him walking by the pack and play woke up Skylar. (She NORMALLY sleeps in the crib in Dakotah's room, but she wasn't quite asleep when I put Dakotah to bed, so they were laughing and giggling, so I brought Skylar upstairs. Within 5 min, both were asleep! Boy am I going to have fun with those 2 when they get a little older!!!! (o; ) When Gavin was done, he went downstairs to get some new underwear and I brought down Skylar. I was in the kitchen fixing a bottle while Gavin was getting his pants on without his underwear first! I walked back out to the living room and gave Skylar her bottle, and then started to help Gavin out. He was talking kinda loud, and I said you need to be quiet, Sissy's still asleep! He gave me this funny look, and then looked at Skylar and then back at me, he said, no sissy here, bottle. I said, no, Dakotah is still asleep! He looked at me and said, oh yeah, right mom. Some of the things he says I can NOT understand him yet, but other things, he says soooo clearly and those are the things that usually crack me up!!!

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