Thursday, July 19, 2007

Parking Ticket

In all the wonderful events that have taken place lately, I TOTALLY forgot to post this. I was going to that day that it happened, but Curt was out of town, and if for some reason he read my blog before I told him, yeah, that would've been pretty! :o)
I took the kids to Union Park to go splashing in the little wadding pool. Went over and played for about an hour and half or so, went back to the van and saw this piece of paper on my windshield! I am like what is this? So I got the kids in the van and got my little piece of paper, which was a parking ticket!!!! First of all, there was NO sign and the curb was NOT yellow!!!!! There was a cross walk, but I was 5 spots from that, and all the cars that were there when I got there, were still there when I left. I just glanced and noticed that NONE of those cars had parking tickets! I am like ok, what's the deal! I am thinking that he just got me because of Curt's stupid fuzz buster. He put it in the van for our IN trip and I just haven't taken it out. Curt was in Fargo this week, so he didn't need it either! Another thing, I didn't have my camera! The one time I forget to take it with me, I actually needed it!!! I THOUGHT about fighting it, but it would be my word against theirs, plus court fees and trying to make sure that Curt was home or get a sitter.... NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!! So, I am going to bite the bullet and pay the ticket... It isn't that much, I just think it is totally stupid that I was the ONLY one to get a ticket!!!!!!!!! What's up with that?

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amain said...

ARGHHH!!! Don't you just wonder, "why me???" I agree, it is easier to just pay the ticket, but stuff like that makes me feel helpless, and I just do not like that. And all you were trying to do was be a good mom!!!