Sunday, July 29, 2007


Ok, we made it to IN all in one piece! But we were SERIOUSLY wondering if we really should be here. First of all, Thursday morn, had to take Gavin in to get his ears re-checked to make sure his infection was all gone. Then ended up taking Skylar in because she had major runny nose... Thought we should get it checked before we come, just in case ya know? Well, Gavin's ear are NOT any better, and got more meds for him, something different. Then got Skylar some amox. She has a start of an ear infection in her right ear. Later that nite we went over to the band's practice to drop off a going away present for Obie, since we won't get to see him before he leaves (well, maybe, maybe not? didn't know for sure the day he is leaving?) So dropped off some apple butter, strawberry jam, peach jam and blackberry jam that I made and canned. He heard me tell Dara that I made it and his mouth was watering, so thought that would make a good going away present! :O) On the way back to the van from dropping it off, I noticed that the front passenger side tire had a nice baseball size bulge in it. I am like what is that? And when did it happen? We got home ok, figured we would get a new tire when we got here in IN. We all got up Friday morning, Dakotah complained of sore throat, and ear and her nose hurt. I am like now what do I do? PLUS, I woke up with pink eye!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Could ANYTHING else go wrong?!?!?! We just decided to come on out and hopefully some over the counter drugs would help Kotah and I had left over eye drops, praying it would be enough! :O) Thankfully Curt had Dakotah in his car for most of the trip, but I put in a dvd for Gavin, and then got Dakotah in the van so she could watch it too! So for the last remainder of the trip I had all 3 of them. (this was the last 3 hours or so) Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was about ready to pull my hair out by the time we got to my mom's!!!!! NONE of them got more than a 3o minute nap, Kotah was pushing Gavin's buttons and Gavin was pushing mine, and Skylar was just butt tired!!!!!!!! So we got here, and they played then got them to bed! THEN this morning (Sat) Dakotah was coughing REALLY bad, and my eye was worse!! So I tired to get us into my parents doc, but because we were never seen there before, we were considered new patients and they wouldn't see us until Monday. Uh nope, not going to work. So we found an Redi Med and got in. We got there at 10:15 and didn't leave until 12:30. I could've left by 11:45, but there was a HUGE mix up and no communication between the nurses and doc. SO............ Basically, the nurse came in and looked Dakotah over (thankfully she has nothing, just viral) then the doc came in and then I asked about my eye. So she said she needed me to fill out some paperwork and then get me some meds for my eye. She left, the nurse came in with the paperwork and took my blood pressure and all that good stuff. She said ok, the doc will be in a little. She then came in a said it would be a little because she was stitching up a hand... Fine..... About 45 minutes later the nurse came in and asked why I was still sitting there, I said uh, you and the other nurse told me that the doc was coming back in? The nurse said uh no, your paperwork is up front waiting on you. I was like, nice... SO I am already peeved because we were SUPPOSED to be up at Curt's parents campground before now. So we got up there, did some stuff, then dropped off the prescriptions at Wal-Mart, they said it would be an hour and a half! Ok fine, the camp is only 10 minutes away. Got back there at 4:00, the time it should've been done, and waited another hour and half before I got my meds. SO by now I am REALLY upset, no, I am REALLY mad!!!!!!!!!! Got back to the camp grounds, almost in tears because these last 2 days have NOT been so good!!!!! I am praying that tomorrow will go MUCH better!!!!!!!! his mom bought me a DQ b-day cake and am looking forward to eating that tomorrow! Hopefully make these last 2 days a little better!!! ;o) So, no funny stories on this blog, keep reading for more! :O
by the time we got here, my tired was the size of a small cantaloupe, so we got a new one.. yippee, another expense we didn't expect! Thank you mom and dad for buying it!!! :O)


Jena said...

I hope you all feel better soon!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Hope today is MUCH better!!!

Lori Eilers said...

Oh honey, hang in there! It can only get better. :) Love ya...Happy Birthday. Maybe the kids can come see Pastor Lori when you get back and Curtis can take you out to dinner!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. We recently got back from our vacation and the travel in the car was horrid. My kids were rotten!! I hope things are going better for you!